Penis Enlargement Remedy Review

Penis Enlargement Remedy Review

Well men, it is absolutely no secret that ladies prefer a guy thats packing some heat if ya get my drift. After all, women like to feel good, and we like to make them feel good.

Sure, some ladies might say “Size doesn’t matter”, and personality DOES win at the end of the day. But deep down, women want to feel amazing, you want to be a master of sex, and you also want to feel good about yourself.

Theres nothing wrong with that. And by the way, the size thing is scientific. Check out the study that was conducted at Australian National University. 

Who I Am

Riley Dolan

Before we go any further, I would like to go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Riley, and my review today is on Penis Enlargement Remedy. I am not ashamed to admit that I needed a little extra help when it came to getting things under control with my sex life.

I am a husband and a dad. For hobbies, I enjoy playing soccer with friends and some woodworking.  I did not get a free trial of this product, nor am I being paid for this review. I just want other men to know that you dont need to feel ashamed about wanting something better than you were born with.

So, come with me-this is a judgement-free zone where the goal is to learn from this penis enlargement remedy review.

My Wife Was Not Happy…

I will not forget the night I noticed my wife sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked beautiful as always, and it was my favourite part of the night-where we reconnect, tell stories about the day to each other and sometimes get pretty heated. After all, the work is done, dishes are put away, and kiddos fast asleep.

She seemed a bit distant. I asked if anything was wrong, and her response punched me right in the gut.

She explained that sex was lacking. It hardly was making her feel great anymore. We have been married for ten years, and I began to piece everything together as we talked. I have always relied on sex toys and other adult products to make my wife feel great. I also used other techniques.

I honestly could not recall the last time I made her feel good using what God gave me.

I felt like my whole world came crashing down. She could see my pain and was also upset. We vowed to make a change, and we hugged each other tightly. I felt so bad but also inadequate.

My Review: Heres My Thoughts and Opinions On Penis Enlargement Remedy”…

penis enlargement remedy

So, I came to buy this product after researching lots of different remedies and pills online. There is a ton of this stuff. And, I spent hours looking this stuff up.

Finally, I came to Tom Candow’s Penis Enlargement Remedy. I had some questions about the program.

Do you have to take any pills or extenders: NO.

How many pages is this: 64.

Is it hardback, or can I read it in private on my tablet: The latter, thankfully.

Is this real or some quack science: Real. The findings of Candows book are all based upon research that was done by the US National Institutes of Health on stem cells. This study showed that the human stem cell is able to regenerate and develop into different kinds of cells.

These include cells that make up your muscles, brain, and of course, penis.

And Tom Candow is not just anybody: he is a penis enhancement specialist and teacher.

His Penis Enlargement Remedy utilises stem cells as a means of increasing penis size.  You will follow a total of three phases in your quest to get a bigger size.

Whats Included With Penis Enlargement Remedy

So, lets make it abundantly clear that this is an ebook. Yes, this made me very happy because I surely did not want a physical book about penis enlargement around where my family could see it. It also makes it easier to read in private.

So, you get an ebook. Thats it.

But dont think that this is some ripoff because youre not getting pills or creams to make your penis bigger. You dont need all that stuff, anyway.

What you do need to do is read through all three of the included phases. Let’s talk about them now.

  • Phase One is all about the secret of stem cells. It tells you how men grow their penises using these stem cells. It is all safe, natural and you dont have to go to the doctors office and spend heaps of money and face lots of embarrassment.
  • Phase Two is all about exercise. I was excited about this because I love running and enjoy pickup soccer with some other adults in my neighbourhood. The goal here is to raise your HGH level. HGH and Stem Cells are very important in increasing your penis size. But HGH is illegal in some places, and so Candow shows you how you can go about increasing this naturally. You will do weight training, and also make use of L-Arginine. So, make plans to join a gym or at least ask a friend with a weight set to allow you to use it. Weight training will burn up belly fat, so your penis looks longer, and L-Arginine will enhance your sexuality overall.
  • And in the last phase, you will be exercising your penis. You will learn how to do kegel, Jelqing, and stretches.
  • You will learn the amazing Penis Accelerator Technique as made popular by Candow himself. (Not sure if this is part of the current program, click here to find out).

penis enlargement fact

Penis Enlargement Remedy compared with Easy Penis Growth.   

Another product that caught my eye was called Easy Penis Growth, or RLX Medical Strength Male Enhancement. This product is a pill, but it promised Virility, Vigor and Vitality. Getting to the website was vulgar in that it had a looped pornographic scene playing in the background-very unprofessional.

Firstly, I was not impressed by the constant images of older men around the site. I am not an older guy and have nothing against them. But some men are young (I am 35) and just want a longer penis. I dont have trouble getting it up”.

Secondly, I don’t see anywhere on this website where they talk about who created this program or formula. I appreciate the listing of the ingredients, but unlike Penis Enlargement Remedy, I don’t see anything about the man or woman behind the formulation of this product. I liked the fact that I could read about Tom Candow, who is a real-life penis enlargement guru. His face is right there on the website; meanwhile, all I seemed to get here were images of stockmen and doctors designed to make me feel okay about buying this.

Thirdly, I do not want my wife or kids finding out about me taking these “internet drugs”. Come on. Only a doctor can prescribe you medication. Buying these crazy pills off the internet is not the solution. Not only is it embarrassing if your family finds out, but can you imagine having to pull the bottle out right before it’s time to have sex with your spouse or another romantic partner? Yikes. What a buzz kill.

I think it is better to solve these problems naturally, and without having to lug around or hide bottles of penis enlargement pills.

Penis Enlargement Remedy Pros and Cons

Now is where I get into the nitty gritty-where we talk about the good and the bad. After all, fair and balanced is the way to go.

First, we will start with the good news.


thumbs up

  • I found the exercises to be safe, natural and easy to do in private.
  • Everything is backed by science. Tom Candow did not put together a fake story to sell everybody on this product; instead, he did the work and told you straight up how it all works. There are also no crazy claims that you will grow five inches overnight; instead, he is very honest about what will happen with this program. It will take six months in some cases before you see a result.
  • You dont need to go to the doctors office
  • You do not need to take weird pills from the internet or late-night television
  • The ebook format is easy to read, easy to keep secret and is easy on the eyes. At only 64 pages, you can read it in a day.
  • You can connect with other people like you using the product, ask questions, and get answers about anything thats bothering you.
  • You can take the ebook with you anywhere-tablet, laptop or smartphone.
  • You can use the 60-day money-back guarantee if you find this product does not suit you.
  • There are NO side effects.
  • It would promote a healthier lifestyle if you weren’t living one already-I don’t mind weight training at all.
  • You get free support as offered by Tom Candow. You can ask him anything at any time about the product, and he will email you back with the answer. And I would also like to add that he is a friendly person that will answer anything about Penis Enlargement Remedy.


thumbs down

So there wasnt anything terrible about Penis Enlargement Remedy, but…

  • I did not like that the video parts of the program sometimes took a little while to load.
  • People with mobility problems might not be able to do the exercises.

Check Out My Results From Using Penis Enlargement Remedy

I thought there was no hope for me, but using this great program has really helped out, as you can see.

My wife is very happy, and she tells me how great she feels during and after intimacy. As you can see, I am about 5 inches when unaroused, and about 7 inches when aroused.

Keep reading-I will show you how to get this product cheap!

penis enlargement fact

Penis Enlargement Remedy Price: What A Bargain, Heres How I Got Mine Cheap!

Normally you have to pay nearly $150 for this product. And for one on one coaching with Tom Candow, youre looking at nearly $3000.

But by clicking here, you can get it for $47.

And I might also add that I copied that link from our private Facebook group-its a special price for men that are in need of a self-confidence boost. Think of it as a private flash sale!

Conclusion: Very Happy With Penis Enlargement Remedy

Overall, I am very impressed with Penis Enlargement Remedy. I am enjoying a better sex life, and the price is right.

Get this if you want to increase penis size naturally and safely.

Click here to see for yourself.

I hope all your questions were answered. If not, please leave a comment below! I will answer right away.

The Penis Enlargement Remedy is currently being offered at a discounted price until the end of 1st December 2020 click below to get the discount.



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