My Stamina Guide review and results – Not what i expected!

My Stamina Guide review and results – Not what i expected!

I have battled with premature ejaculation all my life. Since i became sexually active at the age of 16, I’ve struggled to last longer than 20 seconds in bed.

Around the age of 20 i knew that this was something that wasn’t go to cure itself so i began to take action.

Hi, my name is Riley and i want share with you my results and review of the Stamina Guide.

Being a qualified sex therapist and also suffering from premature ejaculation, i like to think that I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to the subject of treating premature ejaculation. Over the years I’ve tried many treatments and cures ranging from pills to technique guides and everything in between. Unfortunately most don’t deliver the results they promise – or anywhere near for that matter. This one however, did deliver so read on to find out my results with the Stamina Guide.

stamina guide ebook

I first heard about the Stamina Guide through a patient that i was treating. They had been searching for more information online in regards to lasting longer in the bedroom. After digging around on a few forums as well as social media i came across multiple success stories from people who had had been through the Stamina Guide system and were indeed very happy with their results.

Naturally curious, i headed over to the Stamina Guide website to find out more for myself…

My review: here’s my thoughts and opinions on the Stamina Guide

I watched the introductory video on the Stamina Guide and was immediately intrigued. The points that the creator was making immediately resonated with previous experiences i had had as well as what many of my clients had told me. It wasn’t just a straight sales pitch like most and actually contained some great, free informative tips.

Obviously I don’t want to give everything away but here are just a few points that immediately caught my attention.

  • The creator suffered from premature ejaculation himself – most simply do not know what its like for us to deal with premature ejaculation so this was a good start.
  • Both mental control and physical control are discussed – this is key when it comes to treating premature ejaculation.
  • The methods that DON’T work.
  • A confidence boosting 60 day money back guarantee.

The best bit though is that i received three bonus guides completely FREE before i had even made any purchase. These weren’t some cheap, useless guides either. The information they contained was genuinely insightful and helpful. The guides were:

  • Bedroom sex guide – A step- by-step guide detailing positions and sex techniques
  • Orgasm top tips – A collection of orgasm inducing tips that anyone can benefit from
  • Hot bedroom sex guides: 4 volumes – A great, comprehensive resource containing four separate guide: Get her thinking dirty thoughts about you, How to turn your nice girl naughty, 5 red hot sex tips, 5 sex secrets women wished you knew.

Check here to see if these bonuses are still being offered

I was now starting to understand why my patient had been raving about this guide. Everything that had been mentioned was honest, helpful and true. And this was just the free video and bonuses! I hadn’t even paid for anything by this point!

Needless to say, i went and purchased the full guide…

What’s included with the Stamina Guide?

stamina guide bundle

I was shocked to open the Stamina Guide and discover that it contains no less than 170 pages of techniques and help to cure premature ejaculation. The comprehensive system contains the following:

  • The real reason and causes you are experiencing premature ejaculation – in order to cure something its vital to know why you have it in the first place. This accomplishes that task.
  • Proven, unique and natural method to last an extra 20 – 30 minutes in bed.
  • How to have stronger, rock-solid erections.
  • The real way to address premature ejaculation and rid it from your life forever. A permanent cure

Remember that this guide contains 170 pages so literally no stone is left unturned. Nothing is left out of the Stamina Guide and there is no ‘fluff’ or fillers. Everything has its purpose and is there to cure premature ejaculation.

Stamina Guide pros and cons


There were too many positive points to list about the Stamina Guide but here are just a few:

thumbs up for pros of stamina guide

  • Great results obtained from following the techniques.
  • The most comprehensive guide I’ve come across at 170 pages.
  • Extremely easy to follow.
  • Great value.


To be honest I had no real negative points after reading through the Stamina Guide however there are a couple of things that i would have preferred.

thumbs down for cons of stamina guide

  • I didn’t find it sooner! I honestly wish that Stamina Guide had been available 10 years ago!

My results from using the Stamina Guide

Remember that on average I was only able to last 20 seconds before commencing with the Stamina Guide programme. That puts in to perspective how impressive my results really are!

I kept a small log as i was working through the Stamina Guide so that i could review my progress and keep track of any results even if they were minor. In this case, the results were actually very impressive!

My favourite technique in the book gave me an increase in ejaculation of time by 12 minutes! This is a big deal for some like myself who is used to lasting only 20 seconds on average.

I noticed the biggest improvements at the 2 week mark. I feel this is when i had really began to nail down the techniques and implement them correctly. After this i still saw Improvement in my performance although not as large of an increase as the 2 week point.

The biggest results came from sex with my partner vs solo play. I cant describe the boost in confidence i had when my girlfriend was absolutely exhausted after my performance! I believe that this new found confidence then has a knock on effect to further increase results the next time round.

There were certain techniques in the guide that certainly brought me better results than others so i recommend that you give everything a thorough try.

I expect these results to continue to grow as a i practice and master these techniques further.

The steps in this guide are extremely easy to implement so i fully expect anyone to be able to master these techniques and improve their sex life in a short space of time.  Ive had premature ejaculation my entire life so to see results in as little as 2 weeks was very impressive!

Stamina Guide price:  an absolute Bargain!

Stamina Guide is priced at $47.

$47 for a life time investment to treat your premature ejaculation is an absolute bargain in my opinion. There are many programmes that cos 4 x this amount and DON’T deliver any results.

Find out more about the Stamina Guide here

Remember that you also get the free bonus guides that have a combined worth of $210 alone!

In my opinion i honestly think that the Stamina Guide is underpriced. The creator could easily be charging $200 plus for this programme and the main reason for that – It works! It delivers the results that it promises and that in itself make this guide priceless to people like me who have been suffering with premature ejaculation.

Conclusion: Very impressed with the Stamina Guide

There are 3 main points that made the Stamina Guide incredibly impressive for me:

  • The results – it works. That has to be the most important point doesn’t it?
  • Its easy to implement – Its no good if the guide is too hard to master.
  • The price – As i mentioned already, at $47 its an absolute bargain for the content and results that you get.

I have already mentioned Stamina Guide to a number of my patients and they too are seeing the same results that i did. Thats how happy i am – i would only recommend something that i know they will see results with.

I still have a quick read through from time to time just keep everything clear and at the front of my mind. Its permanently sat on my desktop so i can quickly access it whenever i have a spare few minutes.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the price goes up in the near future purely because of the shear amount of value and information this guide contains. Check here to see if its still priced at $47.

Thank you for reading my review and results of the Stamina Guide. I hope you found it useful and can go on to obtain the results that i did.

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and ill get back to you as soon as i can.

UPDATE – Unfortunately, the Stamina Guide is no longer available. I strongly recommend reading my results with Ejaculation Guru, another guide that has immensely helped my confidence in the bedroom.


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Riley Dolan
Hi, i'm Riley - qualified sex therapist and founder of Premature Man. I have had premature ejaculation since i became sexually active and have used various treatments along the way.
Having premature ejaculation was actually what propelled me into becoming a qualified sex therapist so you could say premature ejaculation has actually given me a purpose!

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