Ejaculation Guru Review – The results that shocked me!

Ejaculation Guru Review – The results that shocked me!

My wife thought i wasn’t attracted to her and our relationship was going downhill fast. I knew i had to do something. I had now reached the point where i literally dreaded sex. Even the thought of it gave me anxiety.

Hi, my name is Riley and i want to share how i dramatically improved my premature ejaculation – something i thought i would never say!

I’m going to explain exactly how i did it in this article, so keep reading to find out.

ejaculation guru bundle

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I have suffered from premature ejaculation for as long as i can remember – since i first became sexually active. It is something thats always there in the back of my mind, even when I’m not having sex. If you have the same problem then you’ll know what I mean, it literally haunts you.

Like most, I had literally tried everything i could to improve my premature ejaculation, hoping that one day it would improve but unfortunately it never did.

When i was younger and first became sexually active i just put it down to inexperience and tried to reassure myself that it would fade away with age. Unfortunately this never happened and if anything, as i became more aware of the problem, it actually became worse.

I specifically remember one time when i had recently met a girl. Things were going well, really well. We started to spend more time together and one night after we had been out for dinner, one thing led to another. As i undressed I could already feel the nerves and anxiety setting in. My palms were sweaty and my heart began to race. What happened next literally broke me… Before things had barely started I had already ejaculated. She just sat there looking at me in disbelief before getting dressed and making an excuse as to why she had to suddenly leave. I was devastated. I knew something had to be done. Surely sex wouldn’t be like this for the rest of my life?

I dread to think of the amount of money and time i wasted on various treatments and wonder pills trying to overcome my premature ejaculation. Luckily, in the end i found a treatment and it was significantly cheaper and easier than many others i had tried…

My review and results: Here are my opinions and results with Ejaculation Guru

I had recently joined a forum that had a section dedicated to premature ejaculation. I figured that it may help to talk to some like minded people who were going through the same issues that i had.

Once i had introduced myself I had a few of the usual welcome replies but one response was different. A fellow premature ejaculation sufferer had mentioned a product that he had success with and shared a link to the website.

After this a few others chimed in with similar replies, that they too had great success with this product and were now leading a happy and healthy sex life.

After this i had to see what the fuss was about so went to check it out myself.

I watched the introductory video and Immediately connected as I could relate with exactly what the guy was saying he had been through. It was exactly the same situations that i had been in. The video even explained why premature ejaculation is actually very natural and why it happens from an evolutionary perspective.

I took note of what was explained in this video and even implemented a few of the tips that to my surprise, actually gave me an improvement!

Obviously I’m not going to share everything covered in this with you. However there a few simple tricks that really helped me and will definitely help you too.

Tip – 1 Lose all of the creams, lotions and potions you use or have been using in the past. The side effects simply aren’t worth it.

Tip – 2 Stop trying to copy porn stars. They’re in the porn industry as they are naturals and haven’t had to overcome premature ejaculation.

Tip – 3 Stop focusing on foreplay as a way around a poor performance during intercourse. For a woman, noting can replace an orgasm through penetrative sex.

Tip – 4 Arousal control, ejaculatory muscle control. Eliminate performance anxiety. Special breathing technique. Thrusting techniques.

There was a reason that this guide had already resonated with me so well. I felt an instant connection and relevance to what was being said. It made sense. Many similar products sound to good to be true or sound like the creator doesn’t actually know anything about premature ejaculation, but this one was different.

The creator had been through premature ejaculation himself so he knew exactly what the score was, the introductory video made perfect sense in what was explained and I could benefit from the free tips that were given.

Ejaculation Guru is obviously designed for people who have premature ejaculation although any man wishing to last longer in bed will definitely see benefit too. I often to say people that even if they don’t have a problem now, there is certainly no harm in inuring you sex life by increasing your ejaculation time.

What do you actually get with Ejaculation Guru?

I was pleasantly surprised when i purchased Ejaculation Guru as there is a lot more included than I realised. On top of the main you also receive multiple bonuses that compliment the main product perfectly. I received the following.

  • Ejaculation Guru 93 page ebook – I couldn’t believe it was a full 93 pages! The most comprehensive system i have seen for treating premature ejaculation. The book contains MULTIPLE different techniques to try so you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.  ejaculation guru ebook
  • Last longer during foreplay guide – My favourite of all the extra bonuses. I found the techniques mentioned in this extremely beneficial. last longer during foreplay ebook
  • Multiple orgasm oral sex: the guide – a great guide to giving your woman multiple orgasms with oral sex. multiple orgasm oral sex ebook
  • 101 sex tips that double her pleasure – this guide was great. My partner absolutely loved it too! 101 sex tips that double her pleasure ebook
  • From limp to raging hard guide  (this was an unannounced bonus. Check here to see if it is still available) from limp to raging hard bonus ebook
  • Stronger, longer lasting erections video guide. 

I would have been deeply satisfied with the value provided by the Ejaculation Guru guide alone but the extra bonus material blew me out of the water! Everything included was not only beneficial but extremely well written and easy to understand. To have all this included in the price is phenomenal value.

Ejaculation Guru pros and cons


thumbs up for pros of ejaculation guru

  • It works! Read below to see my detailed results.
  • Very easy to follow and understand.
  • Written by someone who knows exactly what its like to have premature ejaculation.
  • Massive value of added bonuses.
  • Price – very low cost for what you receive.


To be honest i didn’t have any real negatives such however there were a few things that I feel i should mention.

thumbs down for cons of ejaculation guru

  • There is A LOT of information contained within Ejaculation Guru. This is obviously a good thing however you do need time to sit down and read it thoroughly.
  • It would have been nice to have more video content although not necessary.

As i mentioned these are not really cons as such and overall i was extremely satisfied with the Ejaculation Guru system as a whole.

My results from using Ejaculation Guru

ejaculation guru results

While following the Ejaculation Guru programme I kept a small log so that i could keep track of any progress that I had made. This is a must as sometimes you may not actually realise that you have made progress because it has been in small steps.

Before starting i would say my average time from penetration to ejaculation was 20 seconds. As you can see from my log, this improved massively and in a much shorter time Frame than i had initially anticipated.

The biggest improvement for me was at the end of week one. This is because i had gone from having no knowledge on the techniques i needed to use, to learning and implementing some of the basic steps.

What i really loved about this guide is that it even states you do not have to read the whole guide from start to finish. As it contains multiple techniques for you to try, you can skip to whichever one you feel may benefit you more, and start there.

After i had employed just a couple of the techniques mentioned, i was already seeing improvement. The more i then concentrated on these techniques, the better the results i got in return.

I initially kept Ejaculation Guru a secret from my partner so i could see a genuine reaction from her however, it wasn’t long before she started asking questions. I think that this also helped by giving me a boost in confidence which lessoned my anxiety over my performance.

Overall the results i got from Ejaculation Guru were nothing short of amazing. I honestly didn’t expect a lot as I’ve tried so many treatments over the years that have fallen short of what they claim.I will continue to use the new techniques that I have learnt as my results are constantly improving and ejaculation times are growing each week.

Ejaculation Guru: price – why it’s so cheap!

The cost of Ejaculation Guru was $49 and to be honest for what i received for that price was mind blowing. The guide its self contains so much information and so many different techniques to try, that it could easily be priced at three times that amount.

Check the price and content given here

On top of that, you also get all the extra bonus guides which could easily be priced at $49 EACH! So these four guides on there own would be $200, Ejaculation Guru would be another $150 so thats $350 in total yet, it only cost me $49!

The main factor for me when considering the price is if it actually made any improvement or not. Did it live up to claims? YES, it certainly did. So, in that respect this product is priceless. Anyone with premature ejaculation will know, the price is irrelevant if it solves the problem. The gain in happiness, less anxiety and more confidence are priceless for how much it will improve your life overall.


To some up my experience and results with Ejaculation Guru i have to say that i couldn’t be happier. I only wish that there were more useful guides like this out there that actually work.

My results speak for themselves but add to this the bonuses, how easy it was to follow, the multiple techniques etc, i am thoroughly satisfied with this guide as a whole. Its the complete package and certainly the real deal.

As mentioned, i will continue to use the techniques i have learned and fully expect to see my results continue.

Don’t forget to check here to see if the bonuses are still available 

Thanks for reading my results and review of ejaculation Guru. Check it out for yourself and leave me a comment below on your progress.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and ill get back to you as soon as possible.


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Riley Dolan
Hi, i'm Riley - qualified sex therapist and founder of Premature Man. I have had premature ejaculation since i became sexually active and have used various treatments along the way.
Having premature ejaculation was actually what propelled me into becoming a qualified sex therapist so you could say premature ejaculation has actually given me a purpose!

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