Alcohol and premature ejaculation

Alcohol and premature ejaculation

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? does alcohol help to overcome premature ejaculation or make it worse?

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Its no secret that many men believe a few drinks before intimacy can help in delaying their orgasm. It is probably one of the oldest methods for trying to overcome premature ejaculation but, it is also has its negative side too. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard someone say ‘ill have a few pints first and everything will be great’. Is this really the way forward though? Is it practical to sink a few drinks every time you’re about to have sex? more importantly, is it healthy and what other problems could it be causing without you even realising?

Alcohol and the brain

When we consume alcohol it can disrupt the way we think and the way perceive certain situations. It is through these disruptions in the brain that we can sometimes delay orgasm after drinking. We lose inhibitions and feel less anxious which plays a major part in premature ejaculation. If we have that boost in confidence and are no longer over thinking the situation, premature ejaculation becomes less evident. This is exactly why many deem drinking alcohol to be a solution for their premature ejaculation.

The question is ‘does alcohol REALLY help?’. On the surface it may indeed seem like alcohol can be the answer to premature ejaculation however, alcohol isn’t guilt free and could be causing a lot more harm than many realise.

Sinking a few pints before every sexual encounter certainly isn’t a good idea or appropriate either. There are times when sex is spontaneous and will happen before you have time to even think about drinking alcohol. This is another major downside to alcohol and premature ejaculation. It is simply a short term ‘cure’ (and not a good one at that) that will not cure the problem. It is simply masking the root cause of the premature ejaculation. The bottom line is that you may think its helping but in the long term, i can assure you that it really isn’t solving anything.

The pros and cons to alcohol and premature ejaculation can be broken down as follows.

Pros of alcohol and premature ejaculation

thumbs up for pros of alcohol and premature ejaculation

  • Does increase the length of time to ejaculation for many men
  • easy to implement
  • Inexpensive

Cons of alcohol and premature ejaculation

thumbs down for cons of alcohol and premature ejaculation

  • Does not not help long term
  • Isn’t actually addressing the problem
  • Many disadvantages to health
  • Isn’t always practical


Alcohol has also been well documented as a number one cause for erectile disfunction. This has been proven by medical studies such as the one detailed here.

Because of the disruptions in the brain mentioned earlier, certain signals are blocked that prevents a full erection. This coupled with the fact that blood flow is decreased is a sure way to end up with erectile disfunction. This is extremely disheartening for a sufferer of premature ejaculation as they now have another sexual disfunction to contend with in the form of maintaining an erection. Imagine now not only being anxious about premature ejaculation but, also whether or not you will be able to maintain an erection to be able to have sex in the first place!

We all know that there are many well documented, negative effects to drinking alcohol. An increased risk of certain cancers, liver damage, brain damage, diabetes and heart damage are just a few of the serious complications to come from drinking alcohol. This in itself should start alarm bells ringing that this certainly shouldn’t be the go to cure for premature ejaculation.


While many believe alcohol is a solution to premature ejaculation, i can’t stress enough how it simply isn’t the answer everyone is looking for. Premature ejaculation needs to be corrected at its source and this is achieved through behavioural therapy and following certain programmes. This allows the brain to be rewired and form new habits which, in this case, means lasting longer in the bedroom.

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