I have had to deal with premature ejaculation my entire life. Ever since i became sexually active i have been plagued with ejaculating too fast.

Like many others, i started to look into ways of controlling and treating premature ejaculation and was so confused by the options available. I was never aware that there were so many methods and products to improve the situation.

Riley DolanThere was a problem though. It soon became clear to me that there wasn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to treating premature ejaculation. I tried many treatments over the years that simply did not help me at all.

It was at this time that i decided to branch out from my medical studies to specialise in sex therapy. By now, i had learnt so much trying to solve my own problem, that i thought why not take it one step further and help others in the same position?

After studying further and becoming a qualified sex therapist i began to compile a list of therapies, products and guides that i had used to battle my own premature ejaculation.

It was then that i had the idea to create Premature Man. A website with all the relevant information for anyone suffering with the same problem and also a comprehensive guide to the treatments that have and haven’t helped me personally – Ejaculation Guru

I now have over 7 years experience as a qualified sex therapist and 20 years plus researching and learning to deal with m y own premature ejaculation.

I hope you find the information and help available on my site of good use and that it helps you towards controlling your own premature ejaculation. Make sure you check out the results and reviews section to learn what has worked for me.

Please feel free to use the contact form should you have any further questions or need any extra help.

Riley Dolan

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